Jason Rajsic

About my research

I am interested in how the processing of information, both seen and remembered, is controlled. Generally speaking, the number of things that we could notice vastly exceeds the number of things that we do notice. My research focuses on the cognitive factors that shape what we see and remember.

Some more specific interests:
Mechanisms, limits, and consequences of the voluntary control of attention
Shortcuts, heuristics, and biases in attention
The memory systems involved in voluntary and involuntary control of attention

I currently work as a post-doctoral scholar in the Visual Cognitive Neuroscience lab at Vanderbilt University, working with Geoff Woodman, and will be starting as a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne in the fall.  I received my PhD from the University of Toronto, working with Jay Pratt, and my MSc from Queen's University, working with Daryl Wilson.


Hilchey, M. D., Weidler, B. J., Rajsic, J., & Pratt, J.

Lowe, M. X., Rajsic, J., Ferber, S., & Walter, D. B.

Hilchey, M. D., Rajsic, J., Huffman, G. Klein, R. M., & Pratt, J.
Lowe, M. X., Rajsic, J., Gallivan, J., Ferber, S., & Cant, J. S.

Rajsic, J., Swan, G., Wilson, D. E., & Pratt, J.
Rajsic, J., Sun, S., Huxtable, L., Pratt, J., & Ferber, S.
Taylor, J. E. T., Rajsic, J. & Pratt, J.
Rajsic, J., Wilson, D. E., & Pratt, J.
Rajsic, J., Bi, Y. & Wilson, D. E.

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